Spring Get Together

In case you didn’t get notice of our Spring Block Party, we hope you will join us this Sunday, May 22, starting at 4:30 in the cul-de-sac for food and to socialize.

We will also have a Bounce House for the kids. Our menu will include BBQ ribs and chicken, tea, water and lemonade. Remember, if your last name begins with A-K bring a side dish or L-Z bring a dessert. Don’t forget to bring a chair. Utensils and cups will be provided. We hope everyone will attend. We only do this twice a year and it provides an opportunity to get to know your neighbors better.

Spring is in full bloom and lawns and flower beds are in need of constant care. Residents should be mindful of grass clippings and make sure your lawn service, if you have one, is told that they must be swept up and placed in yard trash containers. A lawn can be mowed and still look bad if the clippings are left along the curb or sidewalk. In addition, flower beds need to be weeded and old vegetation cleaned out. If you are unable to do it yourself, then we have plenty of lawn services to help you keep up your property. Just ask any board member for a recommendation.

As you know we have several homes up for sale and keeping up our neighborhood’s appearance helps our property values remain high. The board has been trying to do what we can within our budget to maintain the landscape of our neighborhood. Last week the light poles were repainted for the first time, Some of the common area sidewalks need to be power washed, but that can get expensive. Let us know your thoughts on using some of the money in reserve for such a project.

We look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood. 

Your Granite Parke Board
Jon Culver, Jimmie Lane and Susan Tholen 

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