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Granite Parke HOA Board of Directors

Architectural Review Committee – The purpose of the ARC is to approve requests for changes to your house or landscaping (ARB Request Form). Everything from painting your house to removing trees should be addressed through them. You should provide a written description of the changes and a diagram of the changes. No work should begin until you have recieved a response from the ARC. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for them to review your request. Approval must come from the Chair of the ARC or their designate.

Covenants Committee – They are responsible for determining if a violation of the CCRs have occured. If you believe a homeowner is not in compliance with the CCRs you should notify them. They are responsible for contacting the homeowner in question and determining what corrective action should be taken to bring them into compliance. Which can go as far as making the homeowner restore the changes to original.

Board of Directors – The Board is elected by the members of the association. Their job is to appoint the other groups and manage the business of running the neighborhood. They should be contacted for disagreements between residents and the above groups. They have the final say over the groups decisions.

Secretary – The secretary is responsible for keeping the records of the Association. Please submit requests for agenda items and information not posted on the website to the secretary.

Treasurer – The treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and paying bills related to Association contracts.

The board can also appoint ad hoc committees to handle specific tasks like getting quotes for tree removal and coordinating those tasks, that won’t be listed here.

Board Members

  • President – Susan Tholen
  • Sandy Yeatman
  • Ryan LaMar
  • Secretary – Liz Buckley
  • Treasurer – Wehnsing Wu

Covenants Committee

  • Carey Bailey
  • Chris Higgins

Architectural Review Committee

  • Chair – Harry Tholen
  • Carol Slaughter
  • Joan Bray

Landscaping Committee

  • Ellis Greiner
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